Wednesday, January 11, 2012


More affectionately known as my broken promises

With the new year comes that timed honoured tradition of resolutions don't ask me how far that crap started....long enough to leave generations of guilt and failure....but no matter how impossible they are to remember or we just can't be arsed too shift after over indulging during the christmas....lets face it were all to busy being distracted by shining sales and exchanging crap presents for something useful or something that won't get nominated for the blind dresser of the year award..seriously either some people really have bad taste or christmas is when the years pent up hostilities get unleashed culminating in horrible jumpers and ugly collectibles.

This year I've decided to keep it simple or more to the point easy that I can do it in my sleep like get more sleep (tick one down see thats what resolutions are meant to be fun, realistic and most importantly actually doable) a little less telly okay probably have to work on that one but still we're in the doable zone...spend less time on the computer...okay I don't know where that crazy idea came from maybe that annoying little voice I call party poopper or conscious to everyone else....but I've gone way past the comfy doable zone and strayed into neverland....its like asking me not breathe give me something better to do and I'll happily give up the computer maybe an Ipad or an Iphone (I know these are just portable versions of a computer but thats the point...I get to pretend to be spending more time with my sister and her spawns but really I'm ignoring them from a closer distance....because thats what family time is all about gathered around a common goals feeding and watching the telly).  What I need is something to gently tear me away from my addiction towards a new addiction....without me having a lemming style breakdown.

So my new years resolution is too sleep, eat and socialise a bit more....less virtual reality more actual reality because if this is the last year of humanity I should at least make an effort with my nearest and dearest and you know....take an interest in their lives apart from scourring the facebook updates and photo uploads like some life stalker and turn my chat on....scratch that last one out until facebook develops an app to select and deselect people you want to appear available to....I'm sticking with my click and unclick method of seeing whos worth chatting to....I have a habit of accepting anybody and everybody regardless of whether I like them or not and every once in a while I accept someone I wish I never accepted because they become annoying and a few I actually know and they are annoying in reality as well....most the people I accepted were purely to stroke my ego I wanted lost of friends easy emotionally stress free friends...where there is no investment just acquistions real friends you have work on nurish and invest time sometimes money but facebook took all that hassle you a chance high school never gave you virtually popularity.

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